New York

One Ring Fraud

The one-ring fraud works in a way that an incoming call to a cell phone (or any phone, but the phone should be able to record missed call numbers) is timed so that it will ring once, or even possible without any sound, and is cut off before the called person can answer. This leaves the missed call number on the (cell) phone and can result in fraud.

Many such calls can be made in a short period of time by auto-dialers at almost no cost, because no charge is incurred for calls which do not connect. As such, the calling numbers, real or fake, are details which are being spammed to the cell phone user. Further, advance fee fraud involves a pre-screening phase for fraudsters to obtain other details of individuals, who provide such information when they return the call.

Very often the scammers just want you to call "back" to a premium phone number (900 or 976), or some Caribbean number (e.g. 809) charging a premium rate, e.g. $25 per minute. Therefore you should be careful and always check the number. If it is not a premium number, but you do not want to call back for other reasons, you can order the phone number identification from us. (Of course, not all Caribbean numbers are expensive to call.)